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The opinions within this course are those of Melissa K. Norris and may not be the same as other homesteaders or gardeners. We are simply offering what has worked best for us. It is our hope that it works out the same for you, too!

Tell your doctor about all your self-sufficiency, home growing, and the healing abilities of plants. Be warned, you may start talking about seeds, the state of your garden, and your vast collection of health boosting herbs to anyone within a five-foot radius. 

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Practical Home Herbalism for Cold and Flu Season

In Practical Home Herbalism for Cold and Flu Season I’ll teach you the fundamentals of using herbal remedies for the cold and flu season.

You’ll gain the confidence of knowing exactly what remedy to make and having a cabinet stocked full of natural medicine for your family to use at a moment’s notice.

Here's what's included:

  • Step-by-step video tutorials walking you through start to finish of every recipe

  • Preventative protocol with herbal tinctures and syrups to help build your immune system NOW before you come down with something.

  • Protocol Sheet so you know exactly which remedies to use WHEN

  • Herbal Safety charts for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and children, so you have peace of mind when choosing your herbs

  • DIY Herb Kits for All the Recipes

  • Herbal Sourcing & Storing

  • Tincturing Guide with Easy Solvent Chart

Take control of your family’s health with natural, safe, and effective herbal remedies today with Practical Home Herbalism for Cold and Flu Season!